Razan Sabbagh - Member of the Lebanese Scout Association

May 11, 2012

Hello Razan, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Razan Sabbagh, I'm a third-year university student studying to become a Social Medical Assistant. I'm also a senior member of the Lebanese Scout Association which is technically how I came into contact with the BLOM shabeb People.


Tell us about your fields of study.

Not many people know that my major exists in the first place, and fewer still can tell you what studying to become a Social Medical Assistant entails, which is what drew my attention to this particular field. I'm currently enrolled in this program at the Lebanese University – Faculty of Health. After I graduate, my major would allow me to come into contact with individuals and families so as to solve any problems that may exist within their environment. This field incorporates aspects of medicine as well as psychology, and it definitely isn't easy.


How did you come into contact with the Blom shabeb program?

A while ago, BLOM shabeb organized a workshop on career guidance during which it hosted member of the Lebanese Scouts. I participated in that event, being a senior member of the scouts.


How was the program able to help you?

We're still in the first step of the career guidance program, but it definitely seemed to be helpful in that it pointed many members of the team I was in charge of in the right direction. There are still the next steps of the program to undertake, which I'm sure will be even more helpful.


Do you have any message to convey to young individuals such as yourself?

Don't jump into anything; instead, study it from different perspectives. This is especially true when it comes to choosing your major: try to avoid those that are obvious. Look for something that suits your expectations while also being relatively new.