Marwa Hachem - Scholarship Winner 2011

June 15, 2012


Can you please introduce yourself and give us a little background information on your education?
My name is Marwa Hachem. I graduated from Lycée Abdel Kader in 2010 and I am currently a junior student majoring in Business Administration at the American University of Beirut (AUB).

How do you feel about finishing a big step in your life and shifting to university life?
The shift from school to university was a life changing experience. I met a lot of new people and my communication skills improved a lot.
What was it like to be one of the top students in Lebanon?
Being selected for the BLOM Scholarship for business students gave me a sense of achievement. I am very proud to be among the top students especially in today’s challenging work environment where one has to work very hard to succeed.

What are you planning to major in at university/college?
This is my second year at AUB. I am majoring in Business Administration and loving it.

How was your interaction with BLOM BANK and BLOM shabeb?
The communication with BLOM BANK has been very easy. Everyone is ready to help and answer my questions. I am looking forward for my summer internship this year at BLOM BANK.

At this stage of your life, what kind of advice would you give to students your age? Are there any tips you would like to give them?
The university experience is an amazing one that everyone should enjoy. My advice to all students is to do a lot of research to choose the major that best fit their character and interests. I also encourage everyone to participate in extracurricular activities. Joining clubs and participating in all kinds of activities would improve their skills in different fields and would also look great on their CVs.