Dima Youssef - Member of BLOM Shabeb Team

March 02, 2012

BLOM shabeb’s continuous effort to help college students with their thesis, masters and even internship and employment opportunities is the cornerstone of many young graduates’ future. We sit with Dima Youssef, as she tells us about her experience with BLOM shabeb’s team and their support.

Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Dima Youssef; I’m 20 years old. I’m an AUB graduate having majored in Business.

Why BLOM shabeb?
Well I graduated in June 2010 and had applied anywhere and everywhere with no luck; one day I was sitting at home and the TVC for BLOM shabeb came on, I was very curious so I logged on to the website and contacted them. Next thing I knew was they called me back to confirm my application! Then I found out what was missing during my school years: Guidance from peers not from an old conventional outdated source!

Tell us about your experience with BLOM shabeb?
At first, all I had in mind was a chance for an internship and basic training, I needed a chance to get a feel of the professional experience before taking the next leap which is to start my career, since I was a fresh graduate and never thought that such employment opportunities in Lebanon could arise solely on your competence since we hear that you need to be well connected and able to pull some strings to land a job. My big surprise was when they assessed my performance and offered me a part-time job following my training and really assessing my qualifications before I had become a full time employee at BLOM BANK.

How did the transition go from college graduate to intern to full time on a personal level?
Of course, at first, there is this intimidation when you show up on the first day, your head would be dizzy with thoughts like ‘oh everyone knows what they are doing except me’ or ‘what if I don’t fit in’ or ‘ what if the team doesn’t like me’! But to my surprise, everyone was extremely helpful; answering my every question without making me feel uncomfortable, very patiently, and in less then a week I felt I was part of a group of friends, not a team of colleagues.