Making better use of your free time

Making better use of your free time

  • October 03, 2016

College life can be a bit more interesting and enjoyable if you took part in extracurricular activities, like playing a sport, studying art, or even learning a foreign language. Even though participating in such activities can be fun and exciting, they shouldn’t take up much of your time and energy. We advise you to:


Do your research

Review the list of clubs and activities at your school and ask your friends who have already signed up so you can make the right choice. Getting informed about the activity you are about to choose will prevent you from dropping out after the first couple of weeks.


Set up a timetable

Manage your time so that you don’t jeopardize your education. If you are engaging in extracurricular activities, it is highly important to also keep up with your studies.


Think ahead

Choose those activities, which may be useful for you in the future. Also, inform your parents about the activities you participate in so they don’t worry about you.


Avoid skipping classes to hang out with your friends

Avoid missing classes to participate in activities or use the activities as the main excuse for not finishing your assignments. Squeezing in an extracurricular activity in between your academic courses is also not a good idea. So put your priorities in the right order to be in full focus and don’t get physically or mentally tired.


Don’t let your friends misguide you

Try not to get affected by peer pressure and take up an activity because your friends are in it and they are pushing you to sign up, telling you ‘’come on, it would be awesome if we were all in the group!’’ This would end up as both a waste of time and money.


Don’t let the knowledge of others intimidate you

Giving up at the first try because other students taking the class seem more advanced is no excuse to drop the course; they may have had previous training or background knowledge on the subject, but nevertheless, you are all in the same class together.

Whichever activity you choose, BLOM shabeb wishes you all the luck and congratulates you on keeping your agenda full and enriching, after all, this future activity can only add to your skills!

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