Top 5 Pieces of Investment Advice to People Under 25

Top 5 Pieces of Investment Advice to People Under 25

  • February 14, 2017
It’s inevitable, at some point in our lives, we’re gonna have to stand up in front of a crowd and try to sell something we’re not entirely convinced with. So for those of us who aren’t too cozy not being taken seriously, there are a few ways to make it through this ordeal:
1- Prepare in Advance:
Get to know your subject, the more familiar you are with it the easier it’s gonna be to talk about. If people feel like you agree with what you’re saying they’ll probably listen more intently.

2- Practice Makes Perfect:
How’s that for obvious? But seriously, just look at it this way: giving a presentation is much like acting or singing, so think of it as a rehearsal for a big role and really put yourself in context. A good way to do that is to film yourself from head to toe while practicing and try as hard as you can not to use cheat sheets during practice!

3- Present Like There’s No Tomorrow:
Try to present like you’re being paid for it: in a professional context your main goal is to sell, no matter what the circumstances are. Your objective should change from just getting it over with to hand-feeding your point to your audience and them loving it! Changing your tone of voice regularly and speaking dynamically will help you do just that!
Another very important thing to keep in mind is coherence, you can’t just throw ideas around, make sure your subjects are linked in an interesting way to make the audience feel like each idea depends on the other.

4- Visuals Aren’t Always Your Friends:
Visuals in a presentation should be more of a sidekick than anything else, the superhero here is you, and as a good sidekick, your visual elements should highlight how awesome and capable you are. Try to keep things as simple as possible, only use key-words and don’t go too much into detail, if the audience can understand the idea through the visuals they won’t give you much attention.

*At the end of the day the point is not to ace your grades or give a good impression to your classmates and teachers, these are just a big plus, if you come out of it with the feeling that you’ve just gotten better at something and that you’ve gained some new experience, you’ve gotten the full reward no matter the outcome!

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