The Worst Christmas Presents

The Worst Christmas Presents

  • December 12, 2016

The Holidays are as close as ever and everyone’s in the yearly rush to get their Christmas lists ready and finished. Between the blur of Christmas shopping and the burden of making this time of year enjoyable, a lot of gifts end up being bought without quite matching the good intentions they come with. Others don’t quite match the receiver’s expectations, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the five worst Christmas presents to receive:

5- Christmas Sweaters and Clothing Basics:

We all enjoy the occasional warm sweater from that distant relative who made his way to Christmas dinner. But when it comes to a brand new pair of undershirts or a set of socks from your cousin or khalo, you’re bound to have a second opinion on the matter.

4-Packaged Toiletries and Candles:

Some gifts make us wonder what the people who bought them were trying to say.
Which is why, people who receive packs of soaps and hygiene products would probably end up getting the wrong message.

3-Gift Vouchers and Magazine Subscriptions:

Most of us value the gifts we get from the care that was put in choosing them. That is not quite the case when it comes to gift vouchers, if your first intention was to give your recipient the luxury of choosing their own gifts they might not take it this way, in fact they might perceive it as a lack of care or interest on your part. As for magazine subscriptions, they might strike as an outdated gifting option.

2-Electronic Frames and Office Ware:

Electronic frames that display the pictures of your choice were at the top of the technology industry, until someone put a camera on a mobile phone. Nowadays, much like office ware, gifts of the sort are more regarded as an “I only know you on a professional level”-gesture rather than as Christmas gifts.

1-Mugs and Keychains:

For those of us who haven’t received any yet, yes, these actually do fall into the “gift item” category for some people. Finding a small package under the tree doesn’t always mean you’ve gotten something cool, in fact if any of your friends are mug-givers, get ready for one of the most disappointing Christmas experiences of your life.

0- The Bonus Gift:

This one hits the all-time low when it comes to Christmas gifts, in fact it’s not even a gift! More regarded as a Christmas prank, this particular form of gift involves wrapping up an everyday object like a bottle of conditioner in the box of a different object: the real gift here is the expression on the person’s face when they find a pack of cream sitting where they thought they would find an iPhone.

On a lighter note, we know that these objects are not all that horrible in themselves and only send a negative message to those who do not appreciate them. We hope you took this article on the light side, happy holidays!

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