Give up on the idea of giving up

Give up on the idea of giving up

  • August 16, 2017

I did it, I graduated. T’was summer and it was all mine. Projects and assignments drained me and I needed to escape from all the stress that overwhelmed me both physically and mentally. Once the beautiful season arrived, I started breathing normally. Thank goodness I don’t have asthma. Regardless of all the pressure I was under, I knew this break was the perfect opportunity to relax, gather my thoughts, and maybe take up a new hobby like skimming stones.

I swear I could already smell the sweet aroma of freedom. My options were to either plan a trip to an exotic destination or simply wing it on a daily basis with my friends, family, and Madame solitude. What I wasn’t expecting during my alone time was being interrupted by frequent questions about a recurring topic my parents referred to as “my future”. They made one thing quite clear to me: Time waits for no one. They were right and I realized that I didn't even have the time to procrastinate.

Even though I spent my afternoons catching up on life, I started applying to some companies in the country in the hope of getting an internship. I fixed my CV and meticulously crafted each email to impress every recipient. For me, the process is similar to performing on stage. You either get booed or you get a satisfying standing ovation. At first, I got neither, which is worse; not a single human being replied to my humble emails (only machines politely implying that I didn’t stand a chance, which doesn’t even count). I was very disappointed, but I never gave up.

The following series of events happened so fast I will ask you, the reader, to imagine me narrating it in a fast-forwarded manner. Ok (Inhales) so I spent some time home in the company of my parents who kept interrogating me about “my future”. Then, I worked for free for 5 long months in a small company. I later was lucky enough to do an internship in a renowned company for 3 months, (catches his breath) which I unfortunately had to say goodbye to. Although my ongoing search for other jobs continued, I didn't lose hope. Finally and almost miraculously, I got that unexpected phone call. (Exhales)

Piece of Advice: Prove yourself as if your life depended on it.

- A guy who was ready for anything fate threw at him

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