Everyone was once a Newbie

Everyone was once a Newbie

  • June 14, 2017

So, you’re finishing all your readings and exam revisions, or applying the final touches to your final project, and it strikes you that your internship starts in only two weeks! How will you prepare? What kind of projects will you work on? You begin to wonder, how will I make the most of this internship? How can I make it both fun and educational? And most importantly, how can I go from intern to full-time employee?

We’ve decided to answer all the questions you’ve been dying to ask!

First and foremost, time is the real currency when it comes to work. So make sure to be punctual, and demonstrate your enthusiasm to invest your time in the work. Since internships are a transitional time, it is best to be well focused, and listen very closely to the work instructions. Listening and learning new things can be a lot of fun, and can add value to your career.

However important listening is, it is also great to have a proactive approach to things. Showing some initiative can really get you ahead! Being assigned a task may be confusing at times, but in order to be able to fully deliver, you can always improvise with resources. The internet search engines can answer all of our questions! You can get excellent answers to any question you have from reliable and credible sources.

Always remember that everything has a deadline!

Our most important advice would definitely be not to be afraid of making mistakes, and more importantly to ask for help when help is needed! You never know, your questions may even bring insight, and lead to the company doing a better job.

A key part of the internship experience, is the ability to learn from the more experienced co-workers. As an intern, you could really use other people’s experience to make your knowledge of work even better.

If you happen to love the work you are doing, and find the company to be a good fit for you, then it’s also a great idea to try to turn your internship into a career! In order to do that, you should try your very best to work even harder than the full time employees in order to prove your competency.

We wish all the young and dynamic interns a fun, insightful, and rewarding experience.

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