About My Internship (No Censorship)

About My Internship (No Censorship)

  • July 05, 2017

When BLOM shabeb asked me to write about my internship this summer, I wasn’t sure if I could come up with any kind of prose that did justice to my experience. Internships resemble more action-packed movies than prose; some with the soundtrack “It’s Raining Men” shouting loud when the workload is heavy (Hallelujah!) or others with no sound at all, like a silent Chaplin movie when sneaking to and fro to the toilet becomes a good pastime.

I’d imagine that difference is common for interns, and perhaps the best compromise is going with the flow; avoiding the hysterical ‘thanks!’ to your supervisor every time they hand you work while also playing hard to get with them behind a game of snake on your laptop – yes, somehow internships bring that game back from the dead.

That said, the bright side of this roller-coaster, as the snake game attests, is the dependence on, and consequently blooming of, the creative parts of your brain.

What would I have done at home? Who’d I have met? When the answer to such questions is a quick shake of the head, you realize the fun of that roller-coaster; the importance of not only meeting new people but trying to meet them – the necessary evil of long ‘I don’t have work’ rants to push out of you the words ‘give me work.’


Written by: Rayyan Dabbous

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