6 little habits that will help your environment out

6 little habits that will help your environment out

  • April 10, 2017
In our day and age, technology and commodities work around the clock to make our lives easier and tasks that would usually demand a great deal of time and effort are completed with the mere click of a button. Although our modern lifestyle does bring a lot of help throughout our everyday life, it also takes a certain toll on Mother Nature, and each one of us has a responsibility towards this. Here’s a little something to keep in mind amidst the world’s chaos; it doesn’t matter what others are doing, what matters is what you are doing.

Here are a few suggestions for simple at-home habits that will turn your everyday life a little greener:

Be a mindful consumer. Avoid going for disposable items, excess take-out packaging, and especially plastic materials. If possible, collect and organize your plastic bottles and cardboard/paper wastes into separate containers and send them out for recycling every once in a while.

Don’t abuse electricity. No need to stare into the fridge for so long… and the whole house doesn’t have to stay lit up! Unplug all devices when not in use and avoid charging your electronics over-night. It saves up on a lot of energy and ultimately saves your gadgets’ battery life.

Water is forever essential. Take a quick shower instead of a leisurely bath to save water. It’s okay to spoil your self sometimes, but no need to get too carried away. Try to avoid leaving the water tap running while you’re brushing your teeth or washing the dishes.

Sail smoothly. Whether in life or on the road, slowing down the pace is essential for your state of mind, road safety, and your fuel bill! Driving at 80 km/h uses up 25% less energy than driving at 100 km/h. Be in less of a rush!

Reuse & upcycle items you don’t need. With the limitless ideas on the Internet, turning trash into treasures is not only easily doable but also improves your creative skills and could save you from spending! On the other hand… sending away clothing, shoes, and items you no longer need to charity would be of great service to your community.

Adopt a greener lifestyle. There’s no need to mention that littering is way out of hand. Foster some genuine appreciation for the nature you live in and take some steps to decorate your home with all sorts of plants that bring much life to your space and general well-being!

These are little things we can incorporate in our daily lives without much effort, they might not be drastic measures but are a good way to avoid excess consumption, which in itself represents the real danger; as Gandhi Once said: “The Earth has enough for every man’s need but not every man’s greed.”

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