(Dis)orientation week

(Dis)orientation week

  • September 20, 2017

With the new school year around the corner, eyes are on Lebanon’s university freshmen that start a new chapter in their academic career. The clock is ticking and you feel the chills of being thrown into a new environment with pressure coming from your parents, your friends, and above all, yourself. We provide you with three pieces of advice for your new university life.

No expectations
Having no expectations can be a difficult task; you are finally meeting new people, finally studying what you love, finally having a little away time from your parents – you’ve been waiting for this moment all your life. But expectations can never capture the full picture – you may end up holding onto your high school friends, changing majors from the second week, and probably wishing your mother calls you twice as much while you lunch alone on campus. Avoid high expectations– or at least, be patient.

It’s your first week, not your last
A common freshman’s mistake is forgetting just that – that they’re still a freshman. You’re secretly shopping a surreal amount of Econ, Psych, Lit for Dummies, you’re taking notes of everything the professor is saying – even when they cough – and you’re already counting your 4-year GPA within the first couple of grades, especially with that horrific first C-. Take a breath. You’re working for the long-run – you will not remember the first weeks by graduation.

Opportunities are everywhere. Don’t wait, seize them
A freshman’s first instinct is to wait. For your best friend to join that music club together. For exam period to give your professor a good impression. For the God-sent icebreaker to rise between you and the student next to you. Avoiding all these situations is perhaps the best tip for college-goers… go to clubs alone, meet your professor early on, and break the ice with who could be your next best friend.

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