BLOM shabeb provides “GOLDEN” support

  • May 10, 2012

In its constant strive to provide the latest and best services, BLOM Bank offers guidance and support to the youth of Lebanon through a social, pioneer and one of its kind program in Lebanon; "BLOM Shabeb". In this regard, BLOM Bank partook in the annual career fair “Forward Recruitment Forum” that was held at BIEL between the 26th and 29th of April, 2012.

BLOM Shabeb team met students and graduates at BLOM Bank stand, to help them on various levels and therefore, to eventually lead them into a successful career.

The guidance services that BLOM Shabeb provided in this forum included:

- Introducing students to vacant job opportunities available at BLOM Bank and at other companies in Lebanon.
Immediate CV Assessment.
- Providing interviews tips
Introducing students to the Career Test, which gives them a comprehensive and clear idea about college specialties and careers that are the most appropriate for them.
Introducing students to the website, which includes answers to all questions and concerns of young people relating to their studies and careers.

However, when it comes to youth guidance and support, BLOM Bank and BLOM Shabeb never get enough; they added a suspense element to the forum through a daily draw on a golden prize which was awarded to one of the visitors of the stand. Even after the end of the forum, the competition and golden prizes still continued through

BLOM Bank and BLOM Shabeb wished all young people successful careers and the best of luck.





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