BLOM shabeb Career Fair 2012

  • November 30, 2012

Within “BLOM shabeb” activities, the program designed primarily to support the Lebanese youth and to guide them towards educational majors and careers that suit them best, BLOM BANK has organized, and for the third consecutive year, a career fair that was held at UNESCO Palace – Beirut on November 27, 28&29, 2012.

The fair welcomed Lebanese Baccalaureate students, parts I and II, who were introduced to numerous professions in new ways. The students met with experts from different domains who are highly qualified and have achieved greatly on the professional level, and who shared with the students their experiences and success stories.

More than 2500 students coming from different schools all over Lebanon were acquainted with more than 20 professions. These professions were selected upon the surveys taken on students who attended the fair the past couple of years. In response to their req uests, new professions were added including: speech therapy, education, and audiovisual arts among other careers.

This meeting is held every year at the same time in order to help the new generations in building their future on solid grounds.
It is worth mentioning that BLOM shabeb reaped the SEA award for the Best Youth Orientation and Development program from First Protocol. The awards were distributed during a gala dinner on the 1rst of December 2012 at La Salle des Ambassadeurs- Casino du Liban, in the presence of ministers, MPs, former ministers and other VIPs.

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