BLOM BANK honors the top 100 Over-achievers and grants USD 100,000 as Scholarships

  • September 20, 2012

Under the patronage of the Minister of Education and Higher Education his Excellency Dr. Hassan Diab, represented by Mr. Fady Yarak, Director General of the Ministry, BLOM BANK honored in a third annual event of its kind the top 100 baccalaureate graduates of 2012, on September 12th at The Palais des Congrès- Dbayeh.

Mr. Saad Azhari, Chairman and General Manager of BLOM BANK, stressed in his speech on the importance of exceling in education and congratulated the honored students for their distinguished performance and eminence. He also added that the concept of the BLOM shabeb program is the result of BLOM BANK’s belief in the development of the Human Resources, a matter of high strategic importance for the bank.

Mr. Fady Yarak communicated in his speech the importance of BLOM shabeb program, stressing on the fact that this event holds many meanings, the most important of all being the get-together of the scholastic family, gathered by a most generous sponsor, a Bank that developed an overall program able to guide and support students; BLOM BANK. He then addressed the attending students, congratulating their distinction and expressing how proud their country is of them. He also highlighted that fair competition is a virtuous value; it is what drives one to reach the highest of ranks. Adding that academic excellence does not emerge from the void, he assured that it is the combination and outcome of earnest work, perseverance, effort and good time management. He concluded saying, “give excellence a meaning, for ignorance is better than education that does not save you from yourselves”.

During the event, BLOM shabeb program –launched in 2010- was introduced. It is considered as one of the most important initiatives taken by BLOM BANK, aiming at helping the Lebanese youth in getting the best guidance when it comes to planning their future. It even assists in providing them with job opportunities through a chain of services and advices. This program targets high school and university students, as it gives them advice and instructions concerning different majors and various professional fields, as well as on other services related to their career path. The program also includes many field activities and covers various valuable information.

Moreover, scholarship winners of the last few years presented the event, that being BLOM BANK’s way of acknowledging their achievements. BLOM shabeb supports students with distinction, for it believes that youth are the generation of the future and that Lebanon flourishes through their intellect and hard work.

The honoring event also featured a documentary showing students’, teachers’ and professionals’ testimonials, proving once again the importance of BLOM shabeb for our society today. Furthermore, the event included cash prizes granted to the 100 distinguished students.

BLOM BANK also organized a draw where university scholarships were awarded, won by the following students from across Lebanon: Christelle Kabboul, Rayana Jaafar, Dalia Abdullah and Reem Kanso.

Accordingly, a total of USD 100,000 in prizes was awarded during the event through the BLOM shabeb program.

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